Divide 2: The UK/US Divide

For those who are unfamiliar with I/O psychology, it is often surprising to find out that the US and UK have very

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Ipsative Tests: Psychometric Properties

In this final blog, I want to look at the psychometric properties of ipsative measures and also look at the supporting evidence for ipsative tests.

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Is Personality Testing Worth It?

People still continue to overweigh, and therefore over pay, for personality tests. Business leaders still continue to be caught up in the cult of personality and believe that there is a huge array of differences between various measures when they amount to the same thing.

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The New MBA Oath

As covered in the Economist (June 6, 2009) some students are now taking an oath prior to graduation to operate in a manner that ‘will does no harm, ‘is ethical’ and ‘is in good faith’.

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