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2110, 2010

Why Do People Recommend Ipsative Tools for Selection If They Are Not Designed for That Purpose?

October 21st, 2010|Categories: Psychology|Tags: , |

There are two reasons that people recommend ipsative measures for selection. The first is a misbelief that they are less resistant to faking and therefore produce more valid results. The second is that marketing is fundamentally about having a point of difference.

2307, 2010

Is Personality Testing Worth It?

July 23rd, 2010|Categories: Psychology|Tags: |

People still continue to overweigh, and therefore over pay, for personality tests. Business leaders still continue to be caught up in the cult of personality and believe that there is a huge array of differences between various measures when they amount to the same thing.

604, 2010

The New MBA Oath

April 6th, 2010|Categories: Psychology|Tags: |

As covered in the Economist (June 6, 2009) some students are now taking an oath prior to graduation to operate in a manner that ‘will does no harm, ‘is ethical’ and ‘is in good faith’.